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testosterone gel vs. injections

Testosterone Injection

This is a long-acting form of testosterone and is usually injected once or twice every week.

A monthly kit includes everything you need: medication vial, syringes, alcohol wipes, extraction and injection needles.

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone cream is a topical that is applied to the skin. Testosterone cream is absorbed through the skin and is usually applied once a day.

trt therapy orlando

A medication used to treat male hypogonadism and boost testosterone levels.

This therapy helps to maintain and stimulate the production of natural testosterone, preventing testicular shrinkage and promoting overall hormonal balance for improved well-being.
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) supplementation in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) aims to support hormone balance, enhance energy levels, and promote overall well-being by replenishing natural DHEA levels and complementing the effects of testosterone replacement for improved vitality.



Feel a renewed sense of passion. Enjoy Endurance during sexual activities & longer-lasting erections.


bone density

By increasing testosterone levels in the body, TRT can help improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures. 


Improved Cognitive function & memory

testosterone plays a crucial role in cognitive processes such as memory, attention, and spatial awareness


sleep quality

Restful and uninterrupted sleep that allows the body to fully recharge and restore itself

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trt therapy orlando

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Regain Your Youthful Energy with Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalances can affect people of any age due to underlying factors such as stress, medical conditions, and lifestyle habits, not just those over 40. This imbalance can leave you feeling like a mere shadow of your former self, unable to enjoy life to the fullest. However, hormone therapy can help you reclaim your youthful vigor. 

Using subcutaneous pellets, injections, or other techniques, hormone therapy aims to restore your body’s optimal hormone levels, providing you with renewed energy, improved sexual function, increased muscle mass, and much more.


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Here are real stories from our patients who have experienced
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Our Team Of Experts

Dr. Bryan T.


Dr. Bryan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, earning a B.S. in Biology. He then went on to attend Medical School and residency training in South Florida. He continued to pursue fellowship training in Southern California. Throughout his training Dr. Bryan has been interested in preventative health and wellness. He has been involved in research focused on aging and HRT during his post-graduate education.

He takes pride in staying up to date with all the advancements in the field of hormone replacement therapy and preventative medicine. He frequents conferences focusing on the latest research and advancements in the field so he can provide his patients with the best and most evidence-based treatment options.

Hannah T.

Therapy Nurse

Jennifer L.

Nurse Practicioner

Elaine Z.

Therapy Nurse


Jeanine W.

Therapy Nurse

Maxine Z

Physician Assistant

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Start your personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and goals,
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Here are real stories from our patients who have experienced
the life-changing benefits of NRG Clinic


The primary supplier for medications and medical supplies at NRG Clinic is TailorMade Pharmacy. You can contact them through their website at, reach their customer support team at 859-887-0013, or send inquiries via email to [email protected] for any medication and medical supply needs. TailorMade Pharmacy specializes in compounding medications and offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products and services to cater to the specific healthcare requirements of NRG Clinic and its patients. Their commitment to quality and personalized care makes them a trusted partner in meeting the clinic’s medication and medical supply needs.

Typically, consultations can be conducted through an online video platform with your doctor. In the event that an in-person visit is required, we will schedule a free concierge visit to your residence at your earliest convenience.

The timeframe for the treatment to yield results may vary. While some individuals may notice immediate effects, others may require a few weeks or months to adjust to the treatment. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s internal functioning is unique, but your doctor will develop a personalized plan for you, track your progress, and make any required modifications.

California, Florida, Texas, Delaware and Ohio are the states where we currently offer our services

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